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Author UkaBOB
Tags author:ukabob bob3 boxes mines no-gold playable unrated
Created 2018-12-03
Last Modified 2018-12-03
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Description Simple level I made a while back when I was bored. It is not terribly hard to complete, but it is a fun level to experiment with different ramp jumps on.

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Solid map! Didn't look like much, but it's a great playground, especially for someone just trying to figure out the game like me. Enemies woulda ruined it, I think. Wish the border weren't so busy, but not much to do about that. Nice.


Thank you.

This level isn't meant to be particularly challenging. That is why there are no enemies to fill the empty space.


I like this map.

The tiles look good. There's emptiness but the blocks provide resistance at the same time.
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