Go to sleep

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Author PawerOfficial
Tags author:pawerofficial continuation fun mines rated rocket sequel
Created 2018-12-05
Last Modified 2018-12-05
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description You can say that this is the sequel to my previous map. I called that map the "rise up" and translated it into "Get up". Taking this map into account, I call "Go to sleep."

Google translates this way.

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That little sheep jumping is just adorable.
i thought this would be a good map to end the night on ^_^

i still suck but seem to be improving a little! only a few missed jumps here. might be able to play maps a bit more seriously over the holidays, that would be nice.

this is super cute and came together waaaay better than i thought it would. it looked kinda disjointed, but the top and bottom actually worked great together. i wish the objects were a little prettier.
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really cute

I love the bottom section
Demo Data

nice tiles.

Demo Data