Superliminal 15th Anniversary of N

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Author tmandjievdo
Tags anniversary author:tmandjievdo drones playable superliminal unrated
Created 2018-12-05
Last Modified 2018-12-06
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Map Data

Description This level is dedicated to the upcoming 15th anniversary of the game N, the number 15 hints at this. It has been 15 years since the moment N was released.

N v2.0

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Really well done!

Similar to the original map yet different.

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i don't quite understand Tempus' comment.
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nifty little level.
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slightly slower than mohit
Nothing radical, but a very solid map. Lovely to have you with us ^_^
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You ruined my chance to sound smart.


Most Similar to...

Superliminal 6 (Episode 97 Level 4)


holy shit.

this could've been run of the year for me.
death demo.
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fun map.

Metanetish definitely.
sub-300 run
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Nice map.

I like the look of this map. It feels very metanetish, and for some reason I feel like I've seen this map before. It might be very similar to superluminal 6 or 7, or maybe 5? I don't remember.

Very nice use of drones. Also, the mines were perfectly placed.

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