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Author UkaBOB
Tags author:ukabob bob2 bobleader dda unrated
Created 2018-12-06
Last Modified 2018-12-06
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Map Data

Description Hey, BOBLEADER! Remember this? I finished it up for you.
In return, you might add enemies to WTHWTC.

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I'll have to check them out sometime.

Why yes, we are.

Specifically, Civ 4; more specifically, Beyond the Sword, Next War mod. I don't know if we'd be able to do a game, as internet is pretty pricey where we are, and we've never figured out long-distance games. But it would be cool if we could.

If so, you guys are officially awesome, and I would like to play a friendly game with you sometime.


sounds like a great idea. Where would we do it?


Hey, UkaBOB

Whadyall think of a CIV day tomorrow? Someone should get Pehrson on board.
on my computer. And whaddya mean, you don't like it? I think it's quite good, myself.



I told you, I never liked this one. Also, how did you manage to get map data for this?


This level

requires nReality for the object mod.