ghosts, fading, against the horizon

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags author:tempus_fugit ghosts regret unrated
Created 2018-12-09
Last Modified 2018-12-09
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Map Data

Description those long departed, those who came and laughed and shared the good times, who left one by one for distant horizons, for unknown adventures and brighter futures; are they happier, do you think, than we foolish few who remain, haunting this lonely courtyard still? i will never know

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this was bad! jeez
I might not get anything done this week, but next weekend I'll work on it. Feel free to start, if you want.


It would be nice to see some different features! Especially stuff I’ve missed. ^___^


I found out it worked the other day on accident! Haha, I miss reviews. It feels almost defeating in some way tho, not a lot of map submissions lately and my large absence for the last 5-ish years really puts me on the spot when I go to review something. Which is why I’ve mostly been going through the different kinds of maps and styles that I personally enjoy.
Admittedly, the last 5 submissions of mine have been old maps I never got around to finishing or adding to NUMA.

Also, I posted a demo for the switch tunnel on the puzzle map I submitted most recently. I didn't realize there was a third way to complete this, so I added that into the description. Thanks for showing me!


Random effectiveness of turret and doors make it a bit unclear. I did find the all gold route but it's too finicky for me to pull off.
Demo Data

First map I've made since I've been playing N++. Not super well tested, as I still suck, but hopefully functional. best wishes to everyone