MG Metro 6R4

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset unrated
Created 2018-12-12
Last Modified 2018-12-12
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Description I would like some criticism on this as I feel like the difficulty spikes and drops on some of the jumps.... But I could just be rusty.

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At least.
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While I'm so rusty after those idle years, I guess it will take me 20 hours to AGD that. Maybe more.


Oh lord, no! More like 2 hours, I did other stuff in between :P

daaaamn script, twenty hours straight? gotta be more careful my friend


this is really fun. Sucked me in and lost track of time, kind of map. I gotta stop here for now.
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Yeah liked it a lot! Really solid minejumper, would be sweet for highscoring - enjoyed trying to get a ok paced agd.

Found bottom left toughest, though tended to be alright 75% of the time if i did it instinctively/quickly.

Really liked the bottom thwump area too.

In general mix of flowy jumps and precision was v cool!
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Enjoyable and pretty. Exit switch and bottom left were the hardest parts for me, but neither was unreasonable compared to the rest of the map. The bottom thwumps were my favorite part.
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I too am rusty (see exhibit A, below) and can't give much valuable feedback regarding difficulty. Overall, it felt like an easy map, which I think is good considering its length.

I thought the jump through the exit switch was too hard at first, but after figuring it out I could do it reliably. Moving the mines up a c-snap might be a nice gesture.

The topmost patch of gold concerns me a little... can you just run off the platform to collect it? I was able to get there so rarely, I didn't want to risk my run and experiment.

The only jump that really stood out to me was exiting the centermost gold; perhaps I was approaching it wrong, but the perp-jump into wall-jump seemed much harder than the rest of the map. Keep in mind that I only reached that point twice. Everything else felt balanced to me --- easy jumps that can still be screwed up.

Anyway, as for the map itself, I love it! The aesthetics are so good! The thwumps are the perfect little twist for the minejumper! It's a lovely, twisty little journey. Seriously, well done.

Ah, and by some small coincidence, I was looking at this map last night: 118202

Apologies for the essay, hope that was somewhat useful x_x

PS: Hey Mohit I reeeeeally wanna see a great speedrun of this!
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that first jump is way too hard, i do this 9/10 times
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