202-0: The Anniversary That Couldn't Be Missed

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Author Chrdrenkmann
Tags 10-years 1031 202-0 author:chrdrenkmann playable series unrated
Created 2018-12-28
Last Modified 2018-12-28
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Description 10 years. I'm a member on this site for 10 whole years. Damn. Time sure flies. I still remember when I submitted my first map on this site on December 28, 2008.

I've missed quite a lot anniversaries in the past. I think the last one that I've catched was the fourth or fifth. However, this one couldn't be missed - hence the title of the map.

As you may have noticed, this one looks a bit different than the rest of my more recent stuff aka the last two episodes. Because I'm not happy with that map style anymore. Using simple shapes or making maps symmetrical is boring. I want to create more interesting maps from this point onwards. And what better way to start this off than a map that uses every single enemy of the game?

I know this map isn't anything too special for a 10-years-anniversary but I didn't have the time nor the talent to do something else. I hope you enjoy this one nonetheless.

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Oh, I never said congrats! Well. Congrats. Your episodes are an absolute landmark on this site; you have excellent style & make consistently lovely maps. Many thanks for your work.


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Slower AGD

This is quite an old game at this point. Nice map for highscoring.
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Nice start to an episode. Relaxed map with tinge of difficulty.
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