Nissan Sileighty

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset rated
Created 2018-12-31
Last Modified 2018-12-31
by 6 people.
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Description Nissan Sileighty

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you've been in this place before?

This reminded

Me of Initial D

Flawless run, Aidiera!




Happy 2019, buddy.
Demo Data


Great use of thwumps! Couldn't dare for AGD, but fun to beat.

Demo Data
Here's a completion demo. I felt obliged to give you one after about a million comments.

Demo Data
I used to just name my maps after random song lyrics or try thinking of random map titles... But now I'm obsessed with cars again.

Quick Question

Why are all of your most recent maps named after different cars?


Ok lol

Sorry, I lied.

It was 109 by the time I finished commenting.

Just thought I'd comment within 100 seconds.