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Author mezzoforte
Tags . author:mezzoforte unrated
Created 2019-01-04
Last Modified 2019-01-04
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Description What is this twisted game you play?

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It's okay. I'm not gonna say something condescending like "you either get it or you don't"; rather, it's not your typical race, and it is supposed to play more like a highscorer routing a flow-based Metanet map. A lot of people seemed to like it, including it being featured, so I'm happy with that. Thanks for playing and your feedback.



Did you watch my AGD? The flow is pretty natural, I think.


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Tileset looks really great.

It looked realy easy, but I stunned when I realized I can barely beat it in 90 seconds :)
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This is, in fact,

not the project I mentioned earlier. I'm still working on it. This map is more venting than anything else.