AutoTILE 3000

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Author Kaylab
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Created 2019-01-19
Last Modified 2019-01-20
by 5 people.
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Description Not enough maps in NUMA these days...

NReality is required to enjoy maximally.

Download by clicking on "NReality 7.2" on the page linked below:

"NReality 7.2". []

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supersonic death.
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Lucky us.

i will try to make some time for 1.4 this weekend, there are some nice looking maps here! i will do my best to contribute. thank you as always for the quality content ^_^
i had to update to windows10 finally and i accidentally lost a txt file


did it on v1.4
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could be cleaned a lot.
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i mean @mezzoforte. :|


submitted this speedrun yesterday :p
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I need to go do homework.
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...and faster.

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Much faster again.

This is addicting.
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Fastest so far in comments/NReality by a whopping 4.275 seconds (171 frames)!
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It became easier after edit.
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I liked the timing of the moving tile.

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