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Author thereisaspoon
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Created 2019-01-23
Last Modified 2019-01-23
by 5 people.
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Description Yo
7 years in the making.

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That first

Half got me hooked. Finding small ways to cut the demo time is what gets me addicted to the map. The mines are superbly placed

great demo!

im glad you are enjoying the map

Cut my previous

Demo by 61 frames. And there's actually 2 ways to speed this run up which could end up in a another 20-25 frames shaved off


Here's a

sub-1100 AGD

There's still one way at least that I can speed the run up by a minimum of 10 to 15 frames. But for now I'm happy with this.

I forgot about using the one last innov in this run and didnt realize earlier that I didn't use it.
Demo Data


is active on the discord, he's mainly a N++ guy now though

is golfkid

lurking around still

aw, I tried my best

I think I just made golf sad though :(


golfkid sux, he's a washed-up old fella who probably can't even corner any more, no way could he top jas's demo


I can definitely cut it to sub-1100 AGD. I just don't really care to xD.

There's 2 things at least I can think of that could save a good amount of frames

great demo jasdanu

i think it could probably be around 1000
wish golfkid was still around, or that person with the knight chess piece avatar, or miststalker.


Isn't my best run. I know of at least 3 diff spots I can go back and clean up the run but I'm glad with this.

Spent most of my time finding small ways to speed up the first half of the run right before the open area with the gold. Still at least 1 way to make it quicker
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I'm turning 26 and feel old tbh.
cool map
eyes are gettin blurry (need some sleep haha) so no demo, but really loved the progression of it, and jumps were all a great difficulty.

agree w sunset.... get younger all

Say what now?

I'm only 16

I think it would take me a while to do it in one run. I like that the jumps are not terribly difficult, but some of them require some thought to do and execute. Good job.

Slower AGD

Well crafted minejumper, had some interesting sections. The ending is especially tricky.

I agree with Sunset
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I'm only 22 lmao

you're 30?

im 29 soon. feels weird


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