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Author origami_alligator
Tags author:origami_alligator laserdrones rockets unrated viil
Created 2019-02-04
Last Modified 2019-02-04
Map Data

Description Huge ups to Viil [] for providing the tileset: The Rocks Are Falling [].

During playtesting the right-side laser drone would sometimes shoot through tiles, so be careful, that's a tricky one down there.

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Hey, by the way, the feature queue shouuuuld be working, set for a three-day interval if I recall, so feel free to make use of it! Seriously, thank you greatly for the recent features, it makes the site feel so much more lively. I've got a selection of feature-worthy maps that I'll try to write up in the next few days as well ^_^


I love the tiles the gold is placed nicely. the bottom right rocket killed me almost every time.

Death demo

I enjoyed it. Maybe the laser in the right chamber could have been a chaingun though. Or something else.
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