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Author RandomDigits
Tags action adventure ardee author:randomdigits everything-was-fine metanet unrated
Created 2019-02-09
Last Modified 2019-02-09
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Description I'd rather focus my creativity on things with a larger potential audience than N, so I'm just gonna post my favourite unpublished maps from EVERYTHING WAS FINE (The World Was Ours, Pt. II) (forum link to be added at some point).

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-I'm working on a mathy post-metallish album, should be done by the end of the year
-I'm planning to make a short film this year too

I will definitely keep dropping in regularly.
Really, it'll be business as usual (or as it's been the last several years).


Agree with sunset. you use the space very well

For the record, I have a google sheet full of links. Seems to work!

Fabulous, as ever

No one does minimalism better than you. You have such excellent aesthetic sensibilities. This whole pack has been super neat. I'm sure I've said it before, but you're one of my fave mappers and it will be sad to see you go; I'm sure you'll still be stopping in though, no one ever really leaves ^_^

Is there anywhere we can follow your future creative endeavors? I'm sure they'll be top-notch.
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for such a small map. You did a lot with just a third of the map.
Demo Data

Even more fancy

Maybe I should start using Git for my maps

so in this case

it's actually a folder for the map
the other file was getting too long because I save versions pretty often so I made a second one.

AGD + Speedrun

If you carve a tree in the forest but no one is around to see it, is it art?

Also you do individual text files? I just put everything into a big monolithic file. Maybe I should try doing individual ones instead.
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