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Author origami_alligator
Tags author:origami_alligator difficult drones unrated
Created 2019-02-10
Last Modified 2019-02-10
Map Data

Description Found this map data in my inbox on the forums. Never finished the map, so I decided to finish it.

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I would really enjoy that! I'm indeed active on the discord, if that works for you; link in my profile. If not, we can work something out ^_^

AGD, there we go

Excellent map! each part played totally uniquely, despite being so visually coherent. i do wish the gold weren't so tight, but not sure how to fix that while keeping it a challenge. it's great to have you mapping again.
Demo Data

oh oops what
Demo Data

Death demo.

I like the precision moves. There's about the right number of them so that it's not frustrating. The surface-follow drone is a great touch.
Demo Data