Human Deforestation

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Author Kaylab
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Created 2019-02-11
Last Modified 2019-02-12
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Description A collab with the amazing Tempus_Fugit [].

Year 2177. Researchers are looking into animating trees based on the ability of some flora to follow the sun and re-orientate to suit sunlight requirements. As more sun-ray obstructions are constructed, additional limb articulation is seen as good for agriculture and city living. For example, a tree that has too much shade after an obstruction has been erected, can now re-orientate and thrive.

Shortly into the experimentation, the advanced flora begins behaving erratically, almost with malice towards their encasement. The researchers begin looking into why. The main concern, is a tree that is in enclosure for protection from disease within a transparent carbon-fiber greenhouse. However, all the flora seems to be acting strangely together.

Adam Bennett, a dedicated full-time researcher, notes water encryption - this has been discovered even today - as possible means for trees belonging to a hive mind. They share actions instead of acting independently, regardless of modification methods or even species. Almost without exception, all the water on earth stays on earth, so the same water has been in cycles since the beginning, even before there was flora.

He finds that the messages used have a code to them, some of it ancient, some of it new, with flora able to modify the messages sent based on new information.

Looking into the new code, Adam makes a startling discovery when he finds some of the information seems frantic, flustered and distressed. The only time these patterns occur in new code correlates to flora subjects that has just been pruned. "They can experience pain!" Adam exclaims, mouth ajar.

Adam starts to piece it together. Fires, deforestation, cracking of limbs, visceral destruction of life, and the horrible things awaiting man if the project proceeds further.

So he submits his concerns. Surely someone will listen and put money behind the safety and quality of human life. He does it again. He goes through a bit more red tape and berating from managers of the project. Meanwhile the flora gain more freedom, more articulation, more movement capabilities, more strength. The flora seems dormant now, waiting quietly. Adam believes they have a plan based on his decoding of the water encryption.

As the positive interest from the public rages on, Adam puts his head in his hands, depressed and beaten, he realizes it's our turn now.

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oh no ardee that was the saddest thing x_x

May I just say that Kaylab did the heavy lifting on this map, all the gorgeous tiles included, and I just had the honor of helping clean it up. Hope y'all enjoy it is much as I do ^_^
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Hard level.

Not going to lie.
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Demo Data

I had all the gold

I was 5 tiles from the open exit
The rocket just wanted to help
So it give me a push
Demo Data


I didn't notice the owl at first, real nice tileset touch.

i dunno why

but this feels like if Brttrx and Losttortuga collabed. Which is like, sporadic and beautiful and frustrating all at the same time. I like it.