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Author RandomDigits
Tags action ardee author:randomdigits chainguns everything-was-fine numa unrated
Created 2019-02-11
Last Modified 2019-02-11
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Description I'd rather focus my creativity on things with a larger potential audience than N, so I'm just gonna post my favourite unpublished maps from EVERYTHING WAS FINE (The World Was Ours, Pt. II) (forum link to be added at some point).

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Shaved off 12 frames.
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4.5/5 rounded up

Really fun to try to improve.

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Also for this pack

I had a rough story idea and like a hundred maps, but for the actual level names and order and specific levels/maps in specific spots I've been completely making it up as I go.

I was stuck, I thought I had stopped, but I'm realizing with this comment I wrote today and with the maps I posted, that I've posted the right maps in the specific order they needed to go for the pack. So, uh... Maybe there will be a forum link some day after all? Dunno how I'll incorporate "Picture this" though. An imagemap? Isn't there a text drone mod with NReality?


Some of these maps would for sure work better as quick transition pieces in the hypothetical completed pack.


precisely one second slower than RD

the excellent narrative was better than the map, though i have no complaints about the map. it was clean and simple but lacked zing.
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Picture this

The very structure of N has been damaged. Time resets after every level. Cracks, debris, chaos. You cannot beat a shattered episode. And yet you must beat an episode. The Way of the Ninja is very clear about this.

You once heard rumours of a shadow world, populated by fakers and charlatans. You dismissed these rumours immediately, of course [], but you recently realized [] some rumours can in fact present a convincing impression of fact.

N U M A []. An ugly name with too many letters, not pure like N. What does it even mean? N Unfaithful Monsters ... are Awful?

Maybe this "NUMA" has functional episodes?

So you squeeze through a crack in the border of a map. Immediately, the inner workings of N are burned into your eyes forever. Unfortunately they are also impossible to picture, so you will never be able to describe this beautiful vision to anyone else. Eventually, you see a label that says "user levels". This must be it.

You don't know what you'll find there. You don't want to disrespect the teachings of N, but you absolutely need functional episodes, so maybe this is actually the respectful thing to do? What if there are no episodes? What if the episodes have too many levels? Or too few? What if they have no exit? Unfinished? What if you have to cheat? You want to hesitate, but you don't. You jump, and you're in a place called userlevels.txt

This map is from November 8 2008.