You Are Always On My Mind

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset unrated
Created 2019-02-14
Last Modified 2019-02-14
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Description Happy Valentine's Day!

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when I was making the map, though I can see how it might be annoying now.


a replacing the rocket with a fourth gauss would have been nice too, since all of them would be on the left side in an interesting curve.

I think...

The second rocket was far too deadly. Didn't need to be there, could have been another gauss.
The outer left side was definitely an easier route... if you could get there easily.
I wish the lower portion was less cluttered so that when the drones get lured out through the doors they would eventually work their way through some one-ways or something to become more of a threat later on. That part was probably the easiest part of the map and I wish the drones had been used to greater potential.

The tileset is nice, the gameplay is pretty solid otherwise.

okay, got the AGD

everything but that one rocket is lovely, i love the arrangement of objects & use of empty space here. i felt a little weird skipping the left side.
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the second rocket is sooooo brutal, i'm not into that
Demo Data

To beat this map is even harder to make a girlfriend happy.