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Author RandomDigits
Tags ardee author:randomdigits everything-was-fine jumper puzzle rated sky-jumper
Created 2019-02-16
Last Modified 2019-02-16
by 7 people.
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Description I'd rather focus my creativity on things with a larger potential audience than N, so I'm just gonna post my favourite unpublished maps from EVERYTHING WAS FINE (The World Was Ours, Pt. II) (forum link to be added at some point).

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I agree with Yahoozy about having to perfom an action immediately being annoying. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Sorry for the spam

But I cleaned the run up a little bit. Still more to be left.

Didn't expect I'd get a run I'd like that quickly.

Will definitely come back and get a faster time later
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Love the map

Here's a slopyy attempt by me. I fucked up on so many parts but will probably post a cleaner run later.

Almost cheated the map. Was very close to
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Thanks for the hint, Hooz, it's been way too long since I played this game. I frankly thought this was just a part of the pack that was messing with us & loved it for the atmosphere; but having finally completed it, puzzling out the route piece by piece, this is absolutely genius. Good lord, so perfectly done. This is my favorite map.



Completely forgot how ___ interacted with ___ tiles, so I didn't even attempt that. Clever! I really like this! My only small gripe is having to perform a maneuver in the first frames, but I haven't had to restart at that point many times, and the loading time is so short anyway. 4

By the way

I have a completion I'm waiting to submit on NReality, done in under 90 seconds. It's tight, but it's definitely possible.

god i love this

Death demo.

Before you get to that area, the left side plays a crucial role
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I don't see a way to get out of the exit switch area?

Death demo.

I totally hit the mine on purpose lol
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most puzzling. i cannot seem to escape. perhaps i shall hope for an exeunt ex machina.

Picture this

You move on to the next level. [] N has better security than this, someone has stolen all the gold from this level.

NUMA: gold thieves and amateurs.