4:53 Moonshine Express

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Author Hyteriux
Tags 50 author:hyteriux breathebreathebreathe moonshineexpress unrated
Created 2019-03-02
Last Modified 2019-03-02
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Description dawn approaches;
another drop slips down her throat;
images on the TV screen blur into indiscernible shapes;
with each pour she sinks further;
soon she will drown;
maybe she wants to drown;

from upcoming mappack breathe, breathe, breathe
(celebrating 50 maps!)

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I have to say its very entertaining map, although the bottom part is too tough in my opinion and it basically requires luck to get through. Either way a five and a fave from me
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i'm done now. great map, looking forward to the pack
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i mean i guess i did it
sry for spam, i'm really enjoying this. will get a decent run in a bit. i love the first rocket area & the seeker at the end; i wish the tiles/movement around the second switch were a bit smoother. great use of oneways, lots of interest without feeling gimmicky
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really x_x
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this is exciting news O_O
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