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Author Kaylab
Tags 100 100th 400 400th author:kaylab playable rated
Created 2019-03-04
Last Modified 2019-03-04
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description THE NUMBER FOUR...
number of card suites;
primary compass directions;
phases of the moon;
wings on a bee;
ancient elements;
the only number in the English language of value equal to number of letters;
the number of letters of exactly half of all the 'naughty' words in the dictionary.

As many may have heard already, in Chinese, four (Sì) is similar to word for death, hence there are no fourth floors in hospitals. Similarly, in 1995 residence of Taipei were allowed to delete the number four from house numbers e.g. 23, 2 , 25... etc.

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Amazing demo Script

I could watch it all day.


Really well done! Every section is fun. It was long but didn't quite drag on. The many locked doors lent an air of mystery, and the challenge was just right throughout. My only complaint is that the ninja occasionally interacts with the edge of a normal door which can ruin a good run. But that's a minor thing that just happens with 1.4 physics.
All in all, this is a really great map, and congrats on making it to 400!
Demo Data

I did it! I probably did it wrong, but I did it!
Most of this map served to confuse me and I really enjoyed that. Playful, adventurous, and utterly bewildering. Very cool.
Heck of a milestone. Glad you're still with us ^_^
Demo Data

SO much gold

Here is a hint at a possible path to start you off if you need it.
Demo Data