questionable decisions

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Author Addicted_Ancestor
Tags action author:addicted_ancestor playable unrated
Created 2019-03-14
Last Modified 2019-03-14
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Description why are we in the woods

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that wasn't an AGD, what was I thinking

...I was thinking about the mountain


"that mountain...
he wants to make love to that mountain."

fr tho this feels like a deep statement about art. i was listening to Can I Get the Real Stuff by Guerilla Toss, which is at least superficially about the superficial patina covering the art of our age (and all ages). I thought to myself, who is this art made for? who can even complete the level? Am I the first to complete this level? What is this madness? This is Sparta? etc.

And I am forced to conclude that all is madness, all is insanity.
All I can say, in conclusion, is

"I'm in love"
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woods? wood?

why is there wood? wait what happened to my wood?
why is he walking the woods?
why are the woods in us?
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death demo.

why aren't we always?
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