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Author Addicted_Ancestor
Tags action author:addicted_ancestor playable unrated
Created 2019-03-30
Last Modified 2019-03-30
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description clean up on aisle 2

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some good, some bad

The gold patterns are pretty good. The tiles are interesting, especially the 1-tile jump surfaces. However, there were just too many enemies. This map would have been great as a laid back jumper if you literally removed all the enemies. One example of how they were frustrating is the gold above the exit switch. If you go for an agd, by the time you make it above the exit switch, the chaingun will be directly below you.

One thing you might be running into is the problem of over-optimizing. While making your maps, you play them over and over, and you find a good route that works for you. But then when new people play the map, they don't have that experience, so they have a much harder time navigating the map. That's why I like to approach a map from multiple angles when playtesting; for instance, to make sure both the agd and speedrun routes are fun.
Demo Data

A couple of the central gold areas feel too tricky for such a long map, but I'm really enjoying this. Probably won't end up with a demo but the gold collection is just so satisfying, lovely map.