Ouroboros (or The Snake That Eats Itself)

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise drones rated
Created 2019-04-08
Last Modified 2019-04-08
by 8 people.
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Description Patience, friends.

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fixed agd

i was impatient before :x
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both visually and mechanically

i really like how you can't land too hard on a oneway when there is a drone under it. it's kind of like a sensitive electric membrane

here's how i went through it - agd
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What I meant was

For me, at least, every time I want to grab all the gold, I end up making a circle where I end up where I started without any momentum to continue in the direction I was originally heading. You make little circles in the map but the way it’s built causes you to have to come to pretty much a full stop each time you go to collect any of the gold.


up chris this looks cool

i played it with my eyes.

first try agd

i knew this would be col but didnt realize quite how cool.
i'm confused by o_a's critique of backtracking, as i don't really feel like i backtracked?
what i adore about this map is how it captured that sense of exploration & infiltration. when i was walking around in the basement collecting gold, it was like, this is a secret area that i discovered myself! i'm not supposed to be here! the drone spacing & lack of other enemies was perfect for this.
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I liked the concept

two things bothered me tho.
- the second time one jumps through the one-ways, off the E-tile, was too much of a difficulty spike for me. The rest of the map uses 3-tiles to get through the one-ways and that one particular jump was an odd choice. Would have preferred a 3-tile to carry me through that part.
- I didn't like backtracking every time I had to get gold. Backtracking for gold can work in some maps, but with this I wanted to continually press forward and getting an AGD was frustrating to me.

Otherwise this was a really cool concept. I'd like to see you try something similar in the future.


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I was gonna make a map with this name