Amethyst Cave

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise mines rated
Created 2019-04-14
Last Modified 2019-04-14
by 6 people.
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Description <southpaw> makes me think of a desert at sunset and then descending into an amethyst cave

Many thanks to him for his playtesting and his guiding hand.

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Pretty chill

map here.


It's quite a challenge to make a map that's both super easy and entertaining but you definitely succeeded there.

AGD on NReality
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fun map!
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Enjoyed it, would've liked some sense of pressure from an enemy, but as is was still pretty cool. Gold pattern was nice
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tiles are just gorgeous, and i always appreciate a toned-down level
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I'm not gonna lie

I didn't really playtest this all that much.

But it looks pretty and I like jumping around in pretty things.

Also I missed your presence here ;___;