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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera map puzzle rated
Created 2019-04-15
Last Modified 2019-04-15
by 6 people.
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Description I love how active this community has become.

I spent six hours on this, I hope you like it.

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I think a full completion or agd becomes too tedious though.


just wondering what the best way to get in contact with you is. Easiest for me is Discord but I messaged you on FB as well, hopefully we can figure out the best way.
lovely to see you, & lovely map. not the sort of thing i find replayable, but that's fine. exploring it for the first time and watching it unfold around me was delightful.
or do you want to compete too?

I have to agree with origami_alligator so I went for a speedrun instead of an AGD. Still a neat concept.
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i don't fully understand why there is gold at the bottom of the map. I feel like that area should have been a place to die or a pit to fall in and not a place the ninja would intentionally go. additionally, the fact that the doors are only activated by having to go back and forth through the map over and over just to get all of them is a bit tedious and quickly loses its charm. I would have preferred the mines be more spaced out to allow jumping between them as the challenge instead. obviously much harder to pull off but this map is pretty hard to begin with so i don't think it would have raised the difficulty all that much.

but speedrunning it is actually very fun

i haven't been able to get a demo all the way to the exit so here's a death demo instead
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One of your best