Cosmic Fragmentation

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Author DW40
Tags author:dw40 rated retile
Created 2019-04-21
Last Modified 2019-04-28
by 6 people.
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Description for the retile comp - Objects by jasdanu from []

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I'm too rubbish to even complete one section, but from what I can see in demos this looks like a dream map for the experienced player. I liked that there were multiple ways to get to places, which really shows the ingenious integration of the tiles into the given object set.

Kind of weird to fave the map without being anywhere near the skill level required to complete it, but perhaps one day I'll get there.


nice and mildly impossible

taxing stuff

but very clever


Very enjoyable, perfect difficulty.
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Ok, most favorite minejumper in recent months. This is NOT my best run. Still can spend time polishing it, but by far my most fav run done this year.
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I really like the upper area though.


I call shenanigans on the first patch of gold

i died but this is how to do it if u need hints
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