our fortress has not yet fallen

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags 3-tile author:tempus_fugit goddess rated retile thank-you
Created 2019-04-22
Last Modified 2019-04-28
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description retile of the best objects ever.

for the real soup competition.


Wow! These were Yahoozy's objects! Who could have guessed! He taught me an excellent lesson in shafts []

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total fire


yes, i'm curious as well! it seems unlikely to be coincidental, but i hope it is ^_^
i also never had trouble with the rocket/chaingun combo during playtesting; wish i woulda caught that :(
I feel like I should recognise the original map but can't pick it.

Did well with the tiles too, pretty clear cut geometric-ish nature of tiles work well against even layout of objects and super graphic gold patterns.
I'm curious if the original had the same 4-space gap at the bottom, it's laid out perfectly for that.

I didn't find rocket too bad, but if they both saw me at once I reckon it would've done me in in a sec. Might've just gotten lucky.
Demo Data

man this is hard

i absolutely love it though, really good use of the objects, feels like an original level the objects and tiles work nicely together

oof that last section is hard.

This is cool.

The rocket/chain section killed me before I realised what had happened :(

my progress[/url/ []