jet black and the fishbones

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Tags author:palemoon rated retile
Created 2019-04-22
Last Modified 2019-04-22
by 6 people.
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Description this map is dedicated to my cat! and it's also for Week One of the Retile 3 contest!!

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the tiles, rockets and the one-ways segmented the map so well. Enjoyed each rocket section, I thought the last part incorporating the one-ways, laser and rockets was ingenious. Everything was challenging enough yet not frustrating. I didn't mind the unused enemies or space, it's rather par on course for PALEMOON imo.


it's pretty good. i always die in the same place, tho :(
i want to beat it but most of it just... isn't doing enough to keep my interest?

this agd is also dedicated to your cat
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Your tiles

are the best, I loved this and for some reason it took me forever to get a run but here it is
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oh my

I love this
so much


Very nice. Couple of bits felt unused though. Poor drone.
Demo Data
And a cat face too.

oh my i love you