Oh Yeah

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Author Yahoozy
Tags 3-tile action author:yahoozy playable rated retile
Created 2019-04-22
Last Modified 2019-07-06
by 8 people.
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Description Map for Round 1 of 3-tile! []

Claimant by PALEMOON []

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I love this.

Here's why: you completely made it your own style without compromising on gameplay. In a way, the seeming incongruities of tile–object interplay is quintessentially Yahoozy.

damn dood

wicked map
not too hard, but still fun to go through the motions

replay value


pretty fun, this object set fits perfectly into your style honestly. where's my palemoon object set?! 5
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Well, not "stacked gold" but the fact that you need to slow down in the bottom right corner to collect all the gold at once.


Not a perfect run but I'll leave it at that.

This is tons of fun! Not a huge fan of the trapdoors and the stacked gold but it's a retile and you can't do much about it. 5/5
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I gave it a 5

Because I liked it a lot


fun oh yeah. good retile, but would have liked better gold section in top left
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Oh yeahh

this plays really well, I dig it
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Enjoyed very much.

Light hearted, not too difficult.

Excellent retile.

My only complaint is that the upper trap door cut out a route I wanted to try.