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Author Spackal
Tags author:spackal help jumper retile unrated
Created 2019-04-23
Last Modified 2019-04-23
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Map Data

Description "I don't think they're fresh..."

Map 1 for 3-tile comp!

Spent about 2 days working on one tileset for these objects, then as soon as I finished, cranked this out in about 5 minutes. Great. Obviously refined a little bit since then, but I'm almost mad that this ended up being better (imo) and took a lot less time, but hey, that's how it do sometimes.

Created entirely on v2 and then transposed to 1.4, hopefully everything works out still. On a mac so couldn't playtest (for now)

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do squeezes work in v2 ?

cool jumps

I like this one

a different route

to get to the right side.

great incorporation of the thwump into the level.
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death demo

thought I was being clever at first trying to get up that left side until I realized that's the intended route. Then fucked up the short way out of the right side and should have taken my time instead. Well built.
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Really like most of this, v. well constructed.

Only thing that rubs me wrong is that squeeze bridging exit key and exit area. Considering the whole map is based around careful angled jumps. being propelled in a difficult-to-control way feels a bit incongruous.

Still really enjoyed it the map as a whole, and once you work out how to squeeze through the tiles without flying it works pretty well.
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didn't expect this to be so tough. great tile work, fits together super well.

just kidding, agd
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oof. I really like the tileset. Really made an agd challenging. I haven't been able to get the 3 gold in the middle without doing another loop around the top unfortunately.
be warned 1.4 natives, don't let it touch your skin or it might burn ;)