kiss me (by the numbers)

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags author:tempus_fugit kra unrated
Created 2019-04-23
Last Modified 2019-04-23
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Description feature me k thanks pawz

a bit harder than i wanted, but i couldn't quite get it tuned up. i left a wall open in case you're struggling ^_^

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heres my edit

im excited to see where this map goes
just saw your comment so ill work on the map tonight. i look forward to mapping again!

also yeah i joined the discord a few days ago, whats your discord profile so i can add you?


tough, with a lot of options. I like it.
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good feedback, thank you. will likely revamp for ++
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it's not too bad re: difficulty
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got it!

V tough. Was a good challenge, though the verticality of the tiles and lack of curves made it a little inflexible to move about while keeping the rocket alive.
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it's really hard

either the KRA way or killing the rocket and luring it out. Either way, it's pretty neat. I don't think I'd feature this but it's fun jumping around in it to see what is possible. Spent a long time trying to lure the rocket out after killing it and only got it to follow me once after getting everything else so that I could easily get into the tunnel but I fucked up and died.

it's definitely

cheatable :/
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