Zebulon's desire

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Author blacklef
Tags 3-tile author:blacklef retile unrated
Created 2019-04-25
Last Modified 2019-04-28
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Description I have no idea what Im doing.

// Retile of C5: PANIC button [] by ChrisE []

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The very start of this is an annoying crapshoot, but the rest is fun. Lots of options.
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i havent had the time to beat this yet, but i played it for a bit and loved it! i found it challenging, but not in the least unfair; plenty of places to get away from the peal of bullets. one of my favorites this week.
i gotta say you are good as hell at this game. i was convinced this thing was unbeatable.


o you know what you're doin, this is a playground

chaingun is fierce though
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Unfortunately I found this extremely frustrating in no small part due to that navy SEAL ass sharpshooting ass chaingun.

I don't think it's your fault, though. Chainguns are pretty much awful in every level they're used in.

As far as the retile goes, it's really good.
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who does? look incredible, hope it plays as well ^_^