thought i heard rain

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Author DW40
Tags author:dw40 hard retile unrated
Created 2019-05-01
Last Modified 2019-05-05
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Map Data

Description Since many found my last retile too difficult, I present another difficult map.

The NaN'd objects were already there.

Original objects by Hyteriux []

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and again

gonna give it a rest for now haha, oof
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ouch (death demo)

I really like this, drones work well together and provide good pressure, and opportunities to try and get a faster demo by squeezing past drones at specific points.

The only big qualm I have is the very start, being boosted out of the tiles leads to frustrating deaths, even when you get the hang of it. Combined with the significant object load time it's a bit rough.
Demo Data


crawling around.