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Author jasdanu
Tags author:jasdanu retile unrated
Created 2019-05-07
Last Modified 2019-05-13
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Week 3 of 3-tile competition. Original MAP []

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that big loop felt like an appropriate intro to the far more time-consuming center. Not sure how happy i am with having to backtrack ALL THE WAY BACK AROUND, after a couple tries i just hit the switches to get in the left drone room and called it a day. The center works all by itself with those bounce blocks, and the gauss cannon + drones are a tried and true combo. Felt way better than the gold on the right side.

TILESET // +10
MY concern here is that this map plays extremely similar to the original just due to how bold the objects are. Taking some more risks to build an entirely different gaemplay structure would have paid off a lot to make the map your own. Left side was a bit of an afterthought to deal with some forgotten drones.

BONUS // +3
I was looking at your past entries and i still feel like you've been improving steadily despite some rough luck concerning your object sets. Lots of practice, yeah? THis is a "good job!" bonus.

TOTAL! // 30