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Author thereisaspoon
Tags author:thereisaspoon ithoughtaboutskathewholetimeiwasplaytestingthismap unrated wanderlust
Created 2019-05-08
Last Modified 2020-05-19
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Description tktktk

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Bad speedrun

Nice feel - not as intense as I feared!
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sadly, i cant get the first batch of gold, and failing that wall jump over and over and over is making my stomach churn. this looks/feels like a fabulous map; the layout's great, aesthetic lovely, and the gauss provide perfect pressure for the jumps.

not sure what im doinggggggg
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Yeah, this is great. Gausses are well placed - provide a great sense of pressure without overshadowing the jumper elements. Nice one!
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hadn't realised until seeing light as a feather and quality mine jumper in the 'other maps by this author' section. Both in my favs

This one's great too.


Slow Agd
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