feudal feuds

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Author blacklef
Tags author:blacklef longlong unrated
Created 2019-05-09
Last Modified 2019-05-15
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Description triple jab, initial version [] // update: i changed mines a bit

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Pretty sweet gauntlet feeling map. The visual trick works really well and actually impacts gameplay when you start to feel the flat surfaces are angled. Most impactful round middle gauss area where you have to leap across mines. Difficulty didn't ever let up with how awkward it was to navigate tiles, but never got so difficult with frustrating chokepoints or anything like that (awkwardness not a bad thing, in this case).
Demo Data

very neat visual

never thought I'd see a subtle optical illusion like this in N.

oh fuck

i was doin a-okay, and then, warp
visually, like, an all-time fave. i haven't gotten very far yet but i'm enjoying it. very blacklef, and that's a good thing.