A Mile Under

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Author Hyteriux
Tags 3-tile amileunder author:hyteriux daggers rated retile
Created 2019-05-09
Last Modified 2019-05-12
by 6 people.
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Description she left me with daggers in my spine and feelin' a mile underground

week 3 retile contest entry

Here’s the original: Castle Upon Sea [] by the amazing Daggafork!!! []

Progress(kinda) []

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the first tiles you made for this are really nice.
though the jagged tile look of this fits really nicely


good to see you playing in a non-fbf way.


i was really proud of this run. and its slower than mohit's agd...
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This is awesome.

Really love the atmosphere of the map.
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Killer retile

tiles have lots of personality. Thought that might make the top tunnels a bit uncomfortable, but as tempus said - can be pretty smooth if you do it right. That 'doing it right' just becomes part of the challenge to get a good demo, so the rough tiles end up contributing a lot to the gameplay.
Wouldn't mind more purchase near the exit - mucking that jump caused me to surprise die on the launchpad wall - but thats pretty personal preference-y.
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couple big goofs, and idk how to do the last chokepoint right, but this'll do. fun map. i really like how smooth the top tunnels are (if you dont goof x_x), you don't even have to touch the tiles, but they look imposing nonetheless. the rocket works well - lots of close play with it in the first room, but it's never overbearing; and it's a great final challenge, a tense but not too-hard game of chicken. i love the sparse feel of the map. you did real well with this one.
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im not proud, but at least i did it
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ah... i see...
almost a good run x_x
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