Perfect Form Eleanor

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Author Yahoozy
Tags 3-tile action author:yahoozy playable retile unrated
Created 2019-05-10
Last Modified 2019-05-17
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Description 3-tile [] Round 3

Progress []

otium by ska []

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your best yet, imo. figuring out the route was tons of fun, and then seeing how differently aidiera routed it, that was lovely. not a great fan of the right, but the rest makes up for it.

Thanks frets

I was worried about how similar the ratio of positive to negative space my entries have had, so it's nice to hear that you like that parallel style. Something that seems to have come up a lot in my judging of these maps is the applauding of an author knowing when to let the objects hang out without adding a lot of surface. Kinda proofing that harder with this map; the way I wanted the player to go meant I had to keep that bottom left empty, but I think it works out. Here's a demo of my favorite route so far:
Demo Data
Some of the gameplay gets a little awkward with how streamlined the tiles are, but feels worth it for how stylish the map is because of it (espesh that M-ish fork-ish segment).

Liking how all your retile maps feel kind of united in this style. All feel graphically like rough photoshop collages or something (with how the sometimes disparate elements are arranged, elements are copy/pasted and some tiles look like they're cut into with rectangle marquee haha). Into it!
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