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Author anco
Tags action author:anco unrated
Created 2019-05-11
Last Modified 2019-05-11
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Description ABQ

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hello anco

slick map. Great to see ya

And thanks for the feedback tempus, I see what you mean
Thanks ya'll for all the demos!
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last comment, apologies for the spam.
i'm glad this route turned out to be faster. overall, i really liked the map. great structure & atmosphere. i found myself frustrated trying to all-gold it; it was quite tough to grab the first two patches in a single jump, and while i don't mind difficulty, i honestly think it would be more fun/satisfying to make that easier. i'm also not sold on the rockets, believe it or not; i found they were largely irrelevant, but would occasionally switch things up and ruin a good run. not sure what (if anything) would work better, though.
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v. close.
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missed a gold x_x
it's really interesting routing this... my next demo is also AGD-1 with a totally different (likely intended?) path....
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Lived there for four years, I'm over it.
Excellent to see you around ^_^ Map looks like a good bit of fun, hopefully have time to give it a shot tomorrow!

welcome back

I've always looked forward for your maps.
Enjoying this map so far


nice map, the first jump for gold is fun
welcome back!
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