Fat Ghost Facility

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Author script
Tags 3-tile 3tile action author:script fat-ghost-facility retile unrated
Created 2019-05-12
Last Modified 2019-05-14
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Map Data

Description Digital ghosts in the whitespace of the memory.

Retile of Falling Into Vase [] by Yahoozy [] for round 3 of the 3-tile competition

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Feels like old Yahoozy with a Barabajagal vibe. The jumps, gold placement and mild KRA element was so natural that I literally cannot think of a better tileset for this.

interesting take

I like the map

However I find a bit empty. 3.75/5
Demo Data


some good jumps in here.
Its cool you included the I enjoy seeing other mappers creative process

Thanks, tempus!

paste [] for the curious.
slow AGD attached
Demo Data

a lot more going on here than i expected. nice work.
can't beat it, sadly, but i'm impressed by what you wrangled out of these objects.
hope you feel better!