condemned architecture

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Author ska
Tags author:ska jumper minimalist puzzle rated
Created 2019-05-13
Last Modified 2019-05-13
by 7 people.
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Description Gravity is your only enemy.

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Amazing jumper.

Managed to perform each jump individually, but still can't pull them off consistently enough to complete the map before the time runs out.

Love it



yeah my demo was longer then fof so i'll pass.
that last sequence of jumps made me feel like i dont know how to play the game
Yeah, basically my retile gave me some ideas, but I was limited by the object set. So I basically used the bottom-left corner as a blueprint and then started from there.

Regarding the gold placement, I'm not really sure where else I could put it that would be out of the way, although perhaps the bottom-left corner could be a candidate by getting a good perp jump. The only reason I included the gold was so that the average player could beat the level with enough time when played in userlevels, but I think it adds a nice touch to the aesthetic layout.
that you can make a jumper with this much variety in difficulty and jumps while committing to a simplistic aesthetic. I also like that it looked similar to your retile; almost like a redux/remix of sorts.

I wish the gold placement facilitated more jumps and options rather than being put along the compulsory route anyway, but that's just a small pet peeve.



but elegant


I really don't understand how the exit switch room works. Like, on every other jump I know what to do, and it's just hard to do. But there, I just make it out sometimes; but usually I don't. Very frustrating. I'll have to return another day.

I like the aesthetics and the difficulty curve, and as fotf said the ending is just devilish. 5/5
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Pretty much a flawless run up until the end.
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That last jump is somethin. oof
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