0-3 forest tower

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Author DW40
Tags adventure author:dw40 image-map nreality rated wander
Created 2019-05-14
Last Modified 2019-06-02
by 8 people.
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don't think you can get the moon gold right?

I'm super mixed on these, this one is my fav for sure though.

The image makes it difficult to navigate and the restrictive movement makes is hard to judge especially at first. I think the way you're constructing the series with the ability of the ninja growing as you progress sounds cool in theory, but in practice means you have some frustrating deaths due to changes in movement abilities. I think I'd personally prefer something that bridges the gap between this and regular N, especially re: clarity of map structure. Personal preference though.

That's my frustration out of the way - this is suuuuuuper creative though and those fireflies are amazing. Love the flavour of the chandelier too, though it was slightly frustrating to get caught on first time round. The shift in movement makes this one feel much more enjoyable to move around, plus I think you've built in a way that better responds to restricted movement. Great atmosphere, and the art (ignoring frustrations with how well it represents the structure of the map) is killer.
Rocket moon felt flavourful too. All worked together to create fun, spooky mood. Oh and water was sweet too. Don't know if possible but would've been cool if trapdoors matched art style more, especially with how large a part they played at the end there (that's nitpicking though)

Overall, pretty sweet map
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Excellent work

5aved. I got asked 'what are you playing' because they thought it was a different game. Great job on the demo too.

holy shit

is this even n anymore


Man this is incredible. Firefly drones, water physics, moon with actual rockets 5aved. The controls are getting better too.


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