30th Street Station

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Author Hyteriux
Tags 30thstreetstation 3tile author:hyteriux retile train unrated
Created 2019-05-17
Last Modified 2019-05-20
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Description damn... guess i shoulda' taken the bus to work today...

For 3-tile Week 4 []

The original: Kant Stop The Music by script!!!! []

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didn't mean for the switches to be optional, guess i goofed up there huh
my biggest problem here is that the effectiveness of the laser drone is highly dependent on how quickly/slowly you do the first half of the level. Since I've played this a bunch I find the timing is much better and it's a lot more effective, but I guess for someone playing for the first time the timing is going to feel a lot more awkward and you won't encounter the drone as often/in the right places as I feel you should.

here's an agd
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IMO many of the enemies feel like missed opportunities in the way that they don't seem to cover enough ground and pose enough of a threat. The proximity of all the enemies seem to be hard to work a tileset around tbh.

Not sure what's the deal with all the switches being optional, either.
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