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Author anco
Tags action author:anco unrated
Created 2019-05-19
Last Modified 2019-05-19
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To my own map I realize
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Great style.
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This should work better:


was one of my vanish maps which shared the name. slick map, fyi you have to link to the final paste to show the progress.


I really love all the disparate elements here. Each section is great fun on its own, and they flow from one to another so seamlessly. The gauss/chaingun/floorguard section gets a little hectic but I think that's commensurate with the amount of gold available. Looks great, too.

Numa's been on a roll recently, with the number of maps I've 5aving.

Also, could've sworn there's a Baraba or Krusch map long ago with this name or a name of a castle.