46-4 Dorgan's Keep

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Author Vanquish
Tags 46-4 author:vanquish cryptic freedom observeclue series unrated
Created 2019-05-19
Last Modified 2019-05-19
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The Cryptic Column []

hey guys, back at ya with another map. make sure you use Nreality for this one. noticed i'd been using laser drones in every map from this episode so i figured i'd end it with a rotating laser drone.


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this is a map

I saw it in the thumbnail


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Hey Reddy,

good to see you back!
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it sure is! love me some ghibli

thanks for the comments guys


not sure how to feel about the map yet, will return to it. very neat, but also entirely frustrating. glad to see you pop up, i was afraid you'd vanished again!
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for reference, this is at least 80% of my demos; another 15+% are me dying before i get under that trapdoor. this map is shorter than i realized tho, i've almost beaten it!
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that first jump is absolutely brutal, ive only gotten it twice. the rest of the map seems great so far! i'll have to try it in NED....
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blacklef said it 5aved.

also is that castle laputa?

hard but