Sunder Picasso

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Author Kaylab
Tags author:kaylab retile underside unrated
Created 2019-05-21
Last Modified 2021-03-09
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Description These be good objects. Final retile map.

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nice simple map. feels good to play.
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I really love

How simply the ninja slid under the first thwump. It was satisfying. Here's a SR that can be cleaned up a bit. Might have a go at it later
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finally got it and slammed right into the mine hahah.

Cool map! used the objects well. Enjoyed working out i could slip under first thwump, second provided good pressure when trying to get gold quickly and smoothly, and jumping off third thwump plus trying to trigger it as you fall past it rather than jumping back up to trigger it was gewwwd.

Glad you liked the (totally mystery author cough) objects too, I thought these might be received as too sparse.
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