Ant Hill Farm

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Author jasdanu
Tags action author:jasdanu retile unrated
Created 2019-05-21
Last Modified 2019-05-21
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Description Final Week of 3-tile. Opted to not have a constricted minejumper as the map would feel super claustrophobic and I personally didn't enjoy. Opened the map up and thanks to Blacklef [] for help on some nuances.

Allowed me to tweak the map a bit.

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I do realize the bottom rocket could have been utilized more. But too late for that now. :P
Possible. I might not bother speeding my demo up but, I do enjoy how this map turned out.
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Still feels pretty constricted to me haha, but not in a bad way. Rockets provide good pressure, and it was fun to work out a path.
Felt like the map petered out after the second rocket a little, while still enjoyable it had less going on and was easier than what came before.
I think tiles could have been built to engage the mines more in those areas. I might've even made the more central door key only accessible from underneath, creating a moment where the central rocket could provide some pressure again through the one way?

But overall well done! did well to control rocket pressure especially.
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quick demo

well done!
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