At Last I Am Free

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Author Yahoozy
Tags 3-tile action author:yahoozy playable rated retile
Created 2019-05-24
Last Modified 2019-06-04
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description 3-tile [] Round 5 (Finale)

Progress []

Tunnel of the Stone Square by DaggaFork: []

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seamless, it all fits so well with what you bulit


Weird map for some weird objects but plays really well.

Tiles are a charming mess. The whole thing feels a bit like those community adventure playgrounds made out of scrap materials hahah. With like old painted tyres housing plants and flying foxes
(maybe called ziplines in US?) and slightly haphazard rope courses.
Don't know if they're a global phenomenon but there's defs a couple around me haha
Demo Data

OK so

Here's a new demo. I hated how I ended my older run. Ending was disgusting and annoying and it was slow for me xD
Demo Data

Made a v small edit

at the end of the level, changed the 2-tile so it's sloping upward as to make that ascent easier for players. Judges have been notified since it's technically over the competition's due date, though I've been told that it's fine. anco, that's not even an AG, you missed one gold!

Firstr try AGDD

Demo Data
Everything felt so fluid. AND once I found a way to do the bottom section quicker, it made playing the map so much more fun.

The climb to the door can be quicker but imma leave my run as it is for now.
Demo Data

Demo Data

This was

by far the hardest set of objects I've had to work with yet! Interested to see how those trap doors were used. AGD
Demo Data