Crawl Space

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Author anco
Tags action author:anco rated
Created 2019-05-27
Last Modified 2019-05-27
by 6 people.
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Description (resub because bugs with previous release)

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a wild ride!
i think the zap drones were the most stressful part after such an adventure to get up there. It felt like they might just GOTCHA you at any point. loved the chain gun and how there's always an alcove to hide in. design of the lower right floor guard area was incredible. i thought this was very fun to explore and plan for, but several pinch moments made for weird difficulty spikes after getting really deep into a long run.

AGD finally!

Yeah in agree with the others, the sense of adventure and overall the structure of this is reallllly great.

I have a few issues with the gameplay, it can feel a bit awkward an inflexible (especially the zap drones. I actually like the chain gun and the way it catches you up top quite a lot, but the top and bottom sections themselves it interacts with I'm less into. For a final room the rocket section felt a bit inconspicuous too, most of the excitement lost once you're hiding behind tiles in the top tunnel.

Haviiiing said that, i'll reiterate how sick the structure is, and also how the positioning for exit key and gauss room door key are emphasises this. You leap as high to snag the key, before continuing on your journey upwards.
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Appreciate it all :)

A joy to play!



I dont mind the chain gun i think sometimes there isnt a way to play around the drones up top.
really fun though trying for agd
Structure wise, this is real neat.
love maps that make me feel like im scaling some large structure slowly but surely. what a beautiful map too.
but the construction of this map is bonkers good