wave sink device

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Author mahi_mahi
Tags author:mahi_mahi mahi mahi-best minejumper unrated
Created 2019-06-14
Last Modified 2019-06-14
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Description the shadows of the last patrol are etched into the lead walls

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Been casually coming back to the map across the past few days trying to nab one.
Bit torn on the map.
Love the mine cross. The one way boxes, feel flavourful and are visually great. The focal column is frustratingly awkward, but in a good way haha.

In general gameplay feels a bit repetitive and dry, and while it's got a bit of atmosphere I don't find it strong enough to carry the map.

Making a map where it feels like you're trespassing (or however you described it on discord) is a fun idea, like that the map aims for that, don't think it quite manages to do it in a captivating way.
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